*** Project Are Going Production ***

If you have a great product but no one knows about it, it's history.
If you have a good product, people will find a way to buy it.
- Tony Fernandes of Air Asia -

These are an ongoing experimental project started in the middle of 2018 and it's all about the distribution process not about the channel/video feed.
The purpose of this project are to be able getting live video feeds from 'the source' and distribute it with or without CDN (Content Delivery Network).
The goal of these processes are to help 'the source' to save outgoing bandwidth needed to be use by the source video feed server and make it possible for 'virtually' unlimited viewers from around the world watching the live video feeds smoothly with or without CDN.
Viewers only need to use updated (Java & HTML5 capabilities) version of web browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Vivaldi/etc.) at their desktop/laptop/smartphone/gadget to be able to watch all channels/videos feed.
Restreamer are acting just as 1 (one) user/visitor/viewer watching live video feeds from the source, but having the ability to share the live video feeds to users/visitors/viewers visiting at this Restreamer website,
relayed in other word, so no content are stored at this system, all contents are live from the source.
getting 1 (one) video feed from the source --> encoding & HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) segmentations processes at VPS --> distribution with or without CDN providing video feed to 'virtually' unlimited viewers


Note :
* These all processes are an experimental project, all processes can be stopped or shutdown without notice at any given time :)
* All live video source/content used in this project are owned by their respective owner and are available for public access, contents are used strictly for experimental purposes, not for gaining any money or profit.
* Your activities from YOUR IP are logged only for diagnostic purposes.